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Episode 8: In your opinion...

If you inherit a loved one's laptop, you should:

Her secret history : I discovered my mother's digital life after her death

by Kate Brannen

Not long after my mother died in 2014, less than eight months after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, my dad and I performed a ritual familiar to anyone who has lost someone they love: we went through her closet to decide what to hold on to. We kept her favorite pieces, like the cozy purple cardigan in which her scent still lingered, a few items of jewelry and her more

MORAN ZUR (Safe Beyond)

The CEO and Founder at SafeBeyond, a “digital time capsule” and online platform that allows users to record and store video, audio and written messages to be accessed posthumously by their heirs and loved ones. The idea for SafeBeyond was inspired by the sense of tragic uncertainty faced by Zur when his wife was suddenly diagnosed with brain cancer. Concerned that his then three year-old son would miss out on a lasting relationship/connection with his mother, Zur left his job of five years as Chief Executive Officer at Meitav Dash Trade (TASE member), one of the leading and largest investment houses in Israel, to create SafeBeyond. 

GENE NEWMAN (Everplans)

An Everplan is a secure, digital archive of everything your loved ones will need should something happen to you. It contains:

  • Wills, Trusts, and insurance policies
  • Important accounts and passwords
  • Info about your home: bills, vendors, etc.
  • Health and medical information
  • Advance Directives and DNRs
  • Final wishes and funeral preferences


Brian is a Partner and founder of Go Fish Digital.  With over ten years of digital marketing experience, he has a track record of developing SEO and reputation management strategies for companies of all sizes, from hyper-growth startups to large brands. He is a columnist for industry publication Search Engine Land and a contributor to Forbes, Yahoo, and Fox Business.


EVAN CARROLL (The Digital Beyond)

Evan Carroll is an author, keynote speaker and marketing technologist who works to make digital experiences more personal, more emotional and more effective. He co-created The Digital Beyond as a resource for your digital existence and what happens to it after your death. The Digital Beyond is the go-to source for archival, cultural, legal and technical insights to help you predict and plan for the future of your online content.


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