Psychic Betsy is a Psychic Medium and Intuitive Coach who holds a BA in psychology and has more than a decade of experience in social work. Known as the “How-to Psychic”, Betsy is solution-oriented and delivers honest and uplifting messages with the assistance of Spirit and loved ones who have passed. During a reading Betsy identifies the root cause of an issue and channels practical instructions on how to overcome these issues, thereby leading clients down a positive path by providing a shift in perspective in alignment with Higher Self.

Betsy is a firm believer that we are all born with psychic abilities and that we just need to learn how to listen. Her transformative 6-week workshop Trust Yourself: Intuitive Development Through Awareness is designed to attune students' inner guidance systems through a unique series of exercises, activities, meditations, and discussions. Learn more about readings, coaching, and classes at


He has been called "the modern Sherlock Holmes," the "real-life Scully" (from the X-Files), and other appellations. He is well into his fourth decade as an investigator of historical, paranormal, and forensic mysteries, myths and hoaxes. In contrast to mystery-mongerers on the one hand and so-called debunkers on the other, Joe believes that mysteries should actually be investigated with a view toward solving them.

Apparently, he's the world's only full-time professional paranormal investigator -- the "Investigative Files" writer for Skeptical Inquirer science magazine who travels around the world investigating strange mysteries at the very fringes of science (see Paranormal Investigator). The role utilizes his varied background: former stage magician (Resident Magician at the Houdini Hall of Fame), private investigator (for a world-famous detective agency), and academic (Ph.D in English, focusing on literary investigation and folklore, and author of some two dozen books -- see Books page).

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