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Sherry Hamby, Ph.D. is Director of the Life Paths Appalachian Research Center (LPARC) and Research Professor of Psychology at the University of the South. She is also founding editor of the APA journal Psychology of Violence. A licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Hamby has worked for more than 20 years on the problem of violence, including crisis intervention, therapy, involvement in grassroots organizations, and research leading to the publication of more than 150 articles and books.  Dr. Hamby holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Dr. Hamby’s most recent work focuses on the “ordinary magic” of resilience that is attainable even after significant adversity.  


Margaret Schwartz is associate professor of communication and media studies at Fordham University. Her book Dead Matter: The Meaning of Iconic Corpses is available from the University of Minnesota Press. 


Marie-Hélène Carleton and Micah Garen have worked as independent filmmakers in conflict and post-conflict areas around the world including Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Israel-Palestine and southeastern Turkey.  Most recently they directed and produced four films for Al Jazeera English’s Correspondent series, one of which won Best News Documentary at the Monte Carlo Festival de Television in 2014.  Their recent short film about the refugee crisis, Light on the Sea, launched in March on Vanity Fair and The Scene.  Their short film from Afghanistan, Call Me Ehsaan, was a New York Times Op-Doc editor’s choice and screened at festivals.   Their news and documentary film work has appeared on television and online and in Michael Moore’s award-winning film Fahrenheit 9-11.  Their dual memoir, American Hostage, which chronicles Micah’s ten days as a hostage in Iraq in 2004, was published by Simon & Schuster.  They were selected for Film Independent’s inaugural Documentary Lab, and have been awarded artists residencies at MacDowell and UCross.  Their work can be found at


Max Stossel is an award winning filmmaker + poet with a unique style of storytelling. His work consistently goes viral, has been featured by the majority of major digital publications, by Lincoln Center, and has been written about in 12 languages. Before entering the creative world, Max spent 8 years creating social media strategies for fortune 500 brands and building social networks. The merging of these fields allows him to provide a fascinating perspective on modern culture and how technology is impacting humanity. 


Dances and Dames (Kevin MacLeod) / CC BY 3.0
News at 11 (Glass Boy) / CC BY-ND 3.0
I Knew a Guy (Kevin MacLeod) / CC BY 3.0
Waking Up the Drive (Glass Boy) / CC BY-ND 3.0
Backed Vibes Clean (Kevin MacLeod) / CC BY 3.0
As I Figure (Kevin MacLeod) / CC BY 3.0
O Cérebro do Morto (Dr. Frankenstein) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0